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We are Zaria’s Foundation… We believe that bullying is a tragedy that occurs way too often everywhere. Everything the Bible tells us confirms that God hates bullying and we believe the Holy Bible is the only inspired, infallible, and authoritative source for true healing and solution. Zaria’s Foundation is a Christ-led organization focused on ending bullying COMPLETELY. We will support everyone affected by bullying and turn no one away. This support comes physically, mentally, and most important, spiritually. One occurrence of bullying is one too many and we truly believe that, “Love Never Fails”.

We fully support everyone affected by bullying and this includes the persons committing the acts. The people committing these hurtful acts are doing it for a reason or reasons and we want to help them too. (Hurting People Hurt People). This statement is true and it in-turn causes more hurt and pain towards the people who are being bullied. This is why Jesus is the only true solution to ending this forever.

While there are so many hurting people in the world, there are also followers of Christ who understand that we face storms in life. As Christians, we can help “SHINE OUR LIGHTS” in the darkness of others who desperately need love. By giving the love of Jesus, we can help build a strong, and solid foundation in the lives of those who are hurting.


The beginning stage of Zaria’s Foundation is to get our name out there and raise the awareness of bullying. We will begin this process by holding a local forum with Pastors, Law Enforcement, Teachers, School Administration, Students, and Parents. This forum will be fun, inviting, and open to everyone. The purpose is to give a real and eye-opening awareness of the effects bullying has on everyone. We also want to have fundraisers to fund our projects which consists of, providing t-shirts, bibles, and 24/7 support to anyone who is affected and willing to reach out for help.


We will recruit multiple Christian volunteers to represent schools all over the county to become strong supporters for anyone affected by bullying, depression, loneliness etc. If they see a student eating lunch by themselves, befriending them and eating with them. If they witness someone being bullied, reaching out to them and giving them any support and love they need. Jesus affected so many lives for the better by sharing his love and compassion for others. He is our ultimate inspiration to bring healing to everyone dealing with pain but no idea of how to handle it.


By bringing healing through Christ, this will cause there to be less cases of suicides, depression, and mass school shootings. Anyone willing to listen to God’s unbelievable great news will continue to receive support from our volunteers. Prayer circles in our schools, bible study times, and positive activities will cause them to build their faith in Jesus and grow to become inspirations to others. This will in-turn begin a chain-reaction of events to cause more of us to become born-again and give their lives to Jesus. Field trips and other positive driven events will be conducted to get our message out further.


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