We will be recruiting volunteers who possess leadership skills and qualities. These volunteers will be of all ages and will represent Zaria’s Foundation in schools and workplaces all over the country.

The student volunteers will provide support and encouragement for anyone affected by bullying. For example: If they witness a student eating by themselves consistently, sitting down to eat lunch with them and developing a friendship. Also, if a student is witnessed being bullied, they will provide support and encouragement to the student by befriending them and attempting to keep the incidents from happening again.

  • In the workplace, our volunteers will also bring encouragement and support to anyone affected by bullying.

  • All of the support and encouragement consists of introducing Jesus into the lives of anyone affected by bullying. This includes prayer, bible study, tutoring, field trips and any activities that will build confidence and faith.

  • Through grants and donations, we will be providing personalized bibles for anyone willing to pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Zaria’s Foundation is a Christ-led support organization for anyone affected by bullying. No one will be turned away. We realize that bullying comes in many forms and can affect us in so many ways. We want to help turn these negative feelings into an increase of faith, love, confidence and encouragement.

The “BLACKOUT ON BULLYING” Campaign will be a vital part of this organization. We plan to have a day every month where everyone who supports our vision will wear the blackout t-shirts to show their support for ending bullying. This will be a nationwide event and cannot be possible without the leadership of Christ and your support.

“Hurting people hurt people” We do not only want to provide support for everyone who has been bullied, we want to help the ones who are bullying also. Bullying is a result of anger, hatred, and other negative emotions that could be caused by almost anything. But we believe that “Love Never Fails” and by providing them support will also help raise the awareness and bring us even closer to our ultimate goal of ending bullying forever.


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