• Having Christ-led volunteers at schools and workplaces to be supporters and encouragers of anyone affected by bullying. Volunteers will be of all ages and they will coordinate to become positive, loving and caring figures in the lives of those who need support.

  • Leadership skills will be taught to ensure all of our volunteers are able to be great and successful leaders.

  • School Administration will also have representatives to aid in support of student volunteers and anyone affected by bullying.

  • Volunteers will lead prayer groups at schools and workplaces.

  • Bible study programs to aid in spiritual growth

  • Fundraisers throughout the year to make the foundation’s long-term goals possible. Fundraiser’s will also be used to provide t-shirts, bibles, bible study programs, and fun, inspiring activities for everyone. (field trips, talent development, etc.)

  • Continuing to inspire others in schools and workplaces all over the country.

  • Have trained and dedicated salaried associates and volunteers in every state across the country.

  • Establish a nationwide toll-free number for anyone to call and reach any of our volunteers across the country. This number will be for prayer, support, information or any other information regarding our organization and our mission.

  • Have a social media application developed for the purpose of engaging and creating a “Bully-Free” atmosphere. This app will allow everyone to encourage each other and develop new friendships all over the world.


  • Zaria’s Foundation will become a world-wide organization.

  • Toll free hotline for anyone outside of the United States with volunteers from all countries.

  • The mission to end bullying completely will continue until it is finally a thing of the past.


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